'It has become an autocratic party': Former GOP strategist sounds alarm after Liz Cheney's loss
Liz Cheney (Photo by Oliver Douliery for AFP)

Former Republican political strategist Stuart Stevens on Wednesday sounded the alarm after Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) went down in resounding defeat in her primary race against a Trump-backed challenger.

Noting that Cheney had an exceptionally conservative voting record prior to her role on the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol attacks, Stevens argued that the Republican Party is no longer a party about policies or ideas.

"What we saw last night... in 2022 Cheney was drummed out of the Republican Party and had nothing to do with policy," he said during an appearance on CNN. "She supported Trump's policy, a conservative policy pretty much across the line to the extent there was a coherent policy. I think it's a big mistake if we make this too much about Trump because really this is about the complete abandonment of a Republican Party... abandoning the concept of what it means to operate within a democratic system."

Later in the conversation, Stevens elaborated on this claim and he said that American conservatives wanted to create a one-party state with sham elections like those in Viktor Orbán's Hungary.

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"January 6th was not just an isolated event," he said. "It is part of a calculated, very patient effort by Republicans to change the way that we vote in America, change the way that we count votes in America, and they are doing that because they know that as America changes they are losing a majority support of Americans and they have to do something. It has become an autocratic party."

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