Liz Cheney releases recording that proves her rival lied on Fox News about concession call
Liz Cheney on Facebook.

A recording reveals Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) did, in fact, concede her election loss to a Donald Trump-backed challenger.

Cheney rival Harriet Hageman claimed Wednesday night on Sean Hannity's Fox News program that Cheney left a "very brief two-second message" on her cell phone after losing in Tuesday's Republican primary, but an audio recording provided by the lawmaker's campaign shows otherwise, reported Politico.

“Hi, Harriet, it is Liz Cheney calling,” Cheney says in the recording. “It is about 8:13 on Tuesday the 16th. I’m calling to concede the election and congratulate you on the win. Thanks.”

Hageman claimed to Hannity that Cheney said only, "Hi, Harriet," and her campaign spokesperson provided a video of a phone playing a message that says only that.

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“I haven’t had any other contact with Liz Cheney," Hageman told Hannity. "She made the one effort and all she said was ‘Hello, Harriet,' and then that was the end of it. That was the end of the call, yes.”

Cheney, however, said she tried to call Hageman three times and ultimately left the voice mail before taking the stage at her election party, where she also conceded her loss.

A Hageman spokesperson released another video that shows her call log from Tuesday night showing only one message directly from Cheney, with others coming from other numbers related to the congresswoman's campaign.

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