After the Wyoming Republican Party voted to no longer recognize Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as a Republican, one GOP insider in the state argued the attacks on of one of the state's biggest political families were falling flat.

CNN's John Berman interviewed Dr. Joe McGinley, a Casper physician who formerly chaired his county's GOP and is a Republican Party state committeeman.

McGinley said he voted against the motion.

"I was there at the meeting and I was just surprised this topic came up again," he explained. "As you recall, the state central committee voted to censure Cheney several months ago, they got it out of their system, shook their fists at Rep. Cheney. I thought that was a finished topic at that point. However, the state party's, the leadership is somewhat irrelevant at this point and felt the need to bring the topic back up, to my surprise."

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"This is even crazy, I mean, you can't tell someone that they're not a Republican. If they register as a Republican and say they're a Republican, then they're a Republican," he said.

Berman noted a recent op-ed McGinley wrote in the Casper Star Tribune.

"The extremism we are currently witnessing in the WRP is the result of apathy. True Wyoming Republicans are currently sitting on the sidelines, too disgusted and embarrassed to participate," he wrote.

Berman asked him to explain the dynamic he has been witnessing.

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"You know, without using a catch phrase, there is a real silent majority here in Wyoming and they're true conservatives," McGinley said. "They believe in ethics and morals, they believe in humility."

"They don't want to come up and express their opinion to everyone, they go to the polls, that's where they express their opinion," he explained. "They also don't want to be harassed. There's actually a lot of anger and and there's a lot of extremists — even within our own party — that, if you express an opinion that differs from theirs, they're going to try to embarrass you, harass you. They're going to harass you on social media. You might even get censured by the state party for speaking out."

"There really is a silent majority of good Republicans here in Wyoming that still believe in morals and ethics," he argued.

"You think people are afraid?" Berman replied.

"Yeah, absolutely," McGinley replied.


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