Conservative UK PM Liz Truss announces resignation after disaster-filled six-week tenure
Truss played on tense cross-Channel ties during the Conservative party leadership election Niklas HALLE'N AFP

Liz Truss, the Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is resigning after just six weeks on the job.

During a speech at 10 Downing Street on Thursday, Truss touted her accomplishments during her short tenure in office, but she acknowledged that her position as Conservative Party leader had become untenable and that she would be resigning from her position.

Truss's brief tenure, which began two days before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, was marked by a series of calamities set off by her mini-budget plan that was loaded with unfunded tax cuts to businesses and high-income earners.

This resulted in speculators short-selling the British currency and forced the Bank of England to make an intervention to keep the pound from crashing below the U.S. dollar in value.

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Truss then fired longtime friend Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor of the Exchequer and reversed many of the policies she had touted as part of her "pro-growth" agenda just weeks before.

Truss will go down as the shortest tenured prime minister in the U.K.'s history. The previous record holder, George Canning, died of tuberculosis in 1827 after just four months on the job.