Rachel Maddow mocks Trump for hiring lawyer who called him a ‘crook’
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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow revealed at the top of her show Tuesday that in the middle of the second impeachment trial, that former President Donald Trump was still adding lawyers to his legal team. One of those attorneys, however, has some controversial things to say about his new client.

"Even as the trial is now underway. Yesterday, we learned that he had made a last-minute addition of a new lawyer named van der Veen, Michael van der Veen. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported today that Mr. van der Veen recently sued President Trump, really recently, in the lead-up to the 2020 election, he sued Trump, arguing Trump and his campaign were trying to suppress the vote in Democratic-leaning areas of Pennsylvania," said Maddow. "He also defended a college student who was prosecuted for trying to hack into an IRS database to obtain Trump's tax records. That student saying Mr. van der Veen described Trump to him as a quote, 'f---ing crook,' but he didn't just say 'F', apparently, he said it for real. And now, that man represents Donald Trump in his impeachment trial."

Maddow said that she doesn't know if Trump was aware of that fact when he hired the lawyer.

She went on to wonder if the lawyers being added "got some kind of ironclad agreement that they're all going to be paid, right? You would be crazy not to get that."

Trump has a tendency not to pay his bills. His security bills have gone unpaid for years and at the last minute, Trump told his staff to refuse to pay Rudy Giuliani for his legal services throughout the post-election lawsuits.

See Maddow's opener below:

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