'Everyone has pretty much jumped ship': Madison Cawthorn's constituents are 'tiring of him'
Madison Cawthron for Congress ad screenshot

According to a report from NPR's Steve Harrison, the path to re-election for Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has more than a few bumps in the road with some of the North Carolina conservatives who voted for him in 2020 expressing buyers' remorse in less than two years.

With the freshman lawmaker expected to speak at a Donald Trump rally in Selma, North Carolina on Saturday night, Harrison spoke with voters in Cawthorn's district and found more than a few who either expressed disappointment or disgust at what their congressman has been up to in Washington D.C.

With Harrison writing, "Like former President Donald Trump, first-term North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn has tested voters," he added that opinions differ among the 26-year-old's constituents with even those supporting him not showing much enthusiasm.

North Carolina Republican Sen. Thom Tillis has endorsed Cawthorn's likely opponent, state Senator Chuck Edwards, telling voters. Edwards would "never embarrass Western North Carolina with a consistent pattern of juvenile behavior, outlandish statements, and untruthfulness."

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Tillis' comments resonated with one Cawthorn voter, retired sheriff George Erwin who admitted he voted for the young lawmaker because "he was at first impressed by Cawthorn's resilience after he was paralyzed from a car accident when he was 18."

Now he says Cathorn "isn't trustworthy" and added, "I think everyone has pretty much jumped ship."

Christian bookstore clerk Noah Jackson confessed that Cawthorn's Jan 6th speech was a wake-up call that made him jump off the lawmaker's bandwagon, which was compounded by the lawmaker's tales about conservative cocaine-fueled orgies in Washington D.C.

Telling Harrison he voted for Trump, Tillis and Cawthorn in 2020, he said that was the final straw and won't vote to re-elect him.

"I mean, you can't just say that your heroes that you looked up to before you ran for Congress — the reason why you ran — are participating in these heinous actions," Jackson confessed.

Barber Paul Heyer said he will still probably vote for Cawthorn, telling NPR, "To me he's the lesser of the evils. I'm not a big Tillis fan."

"As long as he gets the job done that I agree with or with what's good for us in North Carolina. I don't have a problem with him stirring the pot. The pot needs to be stirred a little bit. Sometimes the pot needs to be emptied," he added.

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