MAGA rage over Mar-a-Lago FBI search stokes GOP’s civil war
Donald Trump (AFP)

The FBI search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Monday has amplified the volume of MAGA rage, but one of its targets continues to be mainstream Republican elected officials – aka, “RINO’s.”

Lost in the attacks on Attorney General Merrick Garland – and calls for retribution – has been an uptick in the Republican civil war, with MAGA fanatics targeting mainstream figures for failing to exhibit an acceptable level of rage.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t even bother to wait for official responses to use the occasion to attack the Republican establishment.

“I’ve talked a lot about the civil war in the GOP and I lean into it because America needs fearless & effective Republicans to finally put America First,” Greene posted on Telegram Monday night. “Last night’s tyrannical FBI raid at MAL is unifying us in ways I haven’t seen. In January, we take on the enemy within.”

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After Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell declined to answer questions about the Mar-a-Lago search, Alex Bruesewitz, one of the organizers of the Stop the Steal organization that helped plan the January 6 protest, tweeted, “Mitch McConnell is an anti-American POS. Any “Republican” that supports this guy is either on his payroll, a coward, or a traitor.”

Earlier in the day Bruesewitz called McConnell “a disgrace to our nation." He also tweeted a list of 20 Republican senators, including McConnell, who voted to confirm Garland urging followers to contact the senators with demands to defund the Department of Justice unless Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray are removed.

MAGA attorney Jenna Ellis apparently was unmoved by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threat of retribution against Garland the DOJ should Republicans regain control of the House in November.

Rather than celebrate McCarthy faux profile in courage, Ellis tweeted, “Is McCarty” all talk?” It’s not clear whether the misspelling of McCarthy’s was intentional.

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Christopher Bedford, a senior editor at the Federalist Society, attacked multiple GOP leaders. “It’s been 15 hours since we learned the FBI raided President Trump’s private home. If you turn to McConnell, Sen. John Thune, Sen. John Barrasso and Sen. Joni Ernst, however, they’re just talking about tax cuts. There’s no better encapsulation of the weakness of Senate GOP leadership.”

Prominent MAGA podcaster Liz Wheeler exploded at a comment by Sen. Tim Scott on CBS News calling for patience.

“Are you joking??” Wheeler railed in her Tweet. That prompted this retweet by MAGA influencer Scott Greer, a reputed white nationalist: “The good news is that Tim Scott took himself out of VP consideration with this.”

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