'Credulous' Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo roasted for falling for more conspiracy theories
Fox News/screen grab

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo's decision to promote baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election espoused by Sidney Powell was one major reason why Fox recently agreed to fork over more than $780 million to settle a lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems.

In a new analysis piece from the Washington Post, reporter Philip Bump argues that it looks like a "credulous" Bartiromo still hasn't learned her lessons when it comes to accepting conspiracy theories being peddled by partisans in light of her instantly infamous interview with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) where he revealed that his key "witness" in his probes of President Joe Biden has gone missing.

Bump notes that Bartiromo previewed her interview with Comer by hyping up "the most serious allegations ever leveled at a president," despite the fact that no actual allegations of criminal misconduct against Biden have yet been made.

Things quickly went off the rails during the interview, however, as Comer admitted he could no longer track down his source for claims against Biden and then hinted that there was a nefarious explanation for the witness's disappearance.

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"Comer knows what he’s doing here," writes Bump. "It’s been a baseless trope since at least the Clinton administration that powerful Democrats disappear their enemies. His role here is providing grist."

Bump closed his analysis by chiding Comer for having apparently accomplished so little in his probes of Biden that he felt the need to peddle his findings to Bartiromo instead of a proper journalist.

"'Good enough for Maria Bartiromo' is somewhat less than an impressive standard," he wrote.