Marjorie Taylor Greene is a menace and a traitor -- and there's only one way to deal with her
Bob Brigham

Let's put in perspective the atrocious conduct of freshman lawmaker Margorie Taylor Greene, the pistol-toting Congresswoman from Georgia who wants to put a bullet in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's head.

Any private employer would have fired Greene already. Failure to do so would expose a private company, a nonprofit or any other employer to ruinous damages should Greene reach into her purse and use her Glock or if a fellow QAnon fan were to fulfill these homicidal impulses.

Any decent human being would get a court order to keep Greene from walking around with a gun in her purse.

But Greene is special because she works in the people's House. Under our Constitution, she can't be fired. She can, however, be expelled.

Republicans don't have the decency to expel a member with murder, bigotry and anti-Semitism in her heart, a weapon in her purse and a desire to overthrow the government in which she serves.

Our Constitution requires a two-thirds majority vote to expel Greene. That will happen only if 59 of the 211 House Republicans have the basic human decency to expel a member with murder, religious bigotry and anti-Semitism in her heart, a lethal weapon in her purse and a stated desire to overthrow the government in which she serves.

Expulsion, however, is almost certainly not going to happen.

It's not what the Republican Party's de facto leader, Donald Trump, wants. Trump endorsed Greene, untroubled by her racist and anti-Semitic screeds and her spouting QAnon craziness, labeling Democratic Party leaders pedophile cannibals and her insane assertion that California's wildfires were caused by a Jewish space laser financed by the Rothschild banking family.

Unrepentant Trump

But why would this, or anything else Greene has done, dissuade Trump? He is so self-centered and disloyal that he tried, and failed, on Jan. 6 to overthrow our government. That attack on our Capitol left five people dead, including two police officers. In this Trump is like Greene – he is utterly unrepentant.

We now know that the attack on our Capitol and the hunt to kill Pelosi, Pence and others were the results of planning by rebels that began just days after a large majority of American voters decided on Nov. 3 that Joe Biden would be our next president.

We also know that Trump, who riled up the crowd that morning and told them he would go with them to the Capitol before he took the cowardly action of hiding out in the White House, gleefully watching the violence on television. Trump was so enthralled by the mob violence on his behalf that he wouldn't take his eyes off the TV and take frantic telephone calls from members of his own political party who feared they were about to be executed.

What better evidence that with Trump, like every other mob boss and dictator, loyalty is a one-way street.

Coward Kevin McCarthy

As Trump plots revenge and hopes for a return to the White House, his ally is an American quisling, Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican who is House Minority Leader. McCarthy could whip votes to oust Greene. But if he did, he might well be ousted as minority leader. McCarthy is so weak he cannot bear the thought of that humiliation, cannot imagine being stalwart in defense of our Constitution. News reports indicate Trump uses a sexist epithet to describe McCarthy who only confirms the implication of the disgusting term by his conduct.

McCarthy shares with Trump the ability to speak out of four sides of his mouth, muddying otherwise clear waters about where he stands, what he believes and what he will do.

Of all the scoundrels that Trumpism has inflicted in America, few will be judged more harshly by history than McCarthy, a coward who chose loyalty to Trump ahead of his office and who is doing Trump's bidding in helping Greene cling to the office she does not deserve.

Five Members Expelled

Only five House members have ever been expelled, three for joining the Confederacy and waging war on the United States, two for corruption.

Greene clearly fits under the rebellion category. She is no less a traitor than John B. Clark and John W. Reid of Missouri and Henry C. Burdett of Kentucky, traitors who stood with the slave-owning Confederacy in 1861.

Any Republican who votes to keep Greene is making clear that they are as vile as she is, as disloyal as she is, as much a traitor as she is. A vote to retain Greene is a vote of utter disrespect for our Constitution and a violation of each representative's oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Harassing a Fellow Lawmaker

Greene is utterly unrepentant. Last week, Greene and her staff harassed a co-worker of equal rank, Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.). It's significant that Greene is white and spouts racist tropes while Bush, who represents St. Louis, is Black.

Greene, in a tweet, said Bush was the agitator. So did Greene's chief of staff, promising he'd release a video to prove it. But that as yet has not been seen by the public.

Bush told MSNBC that Greene approached her from behind while "ranting loudly into her phone" and "not wearing a mask." Bush said she called out for Greene to put on her mask, as House rules require, prompting Greene and her staff to "responded by berating me."

Bush was so concerned that she is having her Congressional office moved away from Greene's. Providing Bush with armed escorts seems within the bounds of reason.

It is terrible to have to brand an entire political party this way, but it is what the facts demand. This is a tragedy not for the GOP so much as America, where our Constitution hangs as if by a thread and the Republicans are sharpening scissors.

What happened to Republican lectures about the need for those in high office to have moral standards? What about Republican themes about taking personal responsibility?

The awful truth is that those were never principled stands, just mere slogans no different in substance than the catchy phrases and jingles used to sell bubble gum and shampoo.