Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene quickly flees NYC protest after being shouted down
Rumble/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) quickly fled a New York City protest after giving a speech in defense of former President Donald Trump.

Greene spoke to supporters of Trump at Collect Pond Park on Centre St. while facing a swarm of counter-protesters and media.

The lawmaker opposed Trump's prosecution and said the "government has been weaponized" by "communist Democrats."

"This is a travesty," she insisted as opponents heckled her. "President Trump did nothing wrong."

"Democrats are the party of violence," Green continued as her voice was drowned out by whistles and shouting. "We're the party of peace. We're the party of male and female."

Greene concluded her remarks by saying, "God bless MAGA," then quickly fled to a nearby SUV.

Watch the video clip at this link.