GOP’s frustration with Marjorie Taylor Greene grows after she derails votes on uncontroversial legislation
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Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and several members of the House Freedom Caucus called for a roll call vote on group of suspension bills this week, forcing Democrats to delay votes on 13 uncontroversial pieces of legislation.

As CNN points out, it would have taken 10 hours to pass the bills with a roll call vote on each measure because of COVID-19 restrictions.

"The American people deserve to know where their member of Congress stands with a roll call vote," Greene said in a statement to CNN. "While thousands of illegal aliens are invading Biden's open border, American kids are losing their education with closed schools, thousands of small businesses have been forced to shut down, the People really don't care about politicians whining about voting and doing their job for 10 hours."

But the bills -- some of which were sponsored by Greene's fellow Republicans -- had nothing to do with the topics Greene mentioned. One bill called for Congressional Gold Medals to be awarded to members of the Capitol Police Force and the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. Others focused on child abuse prevention, literacy and credit management.

Greene's move also delayed a vote on the VA VACCINE Act, legislation intended to help provide COVID-19 vaccines to veterans and their caregivers.

A GOP aide told CNN that "rank-and-file GOP members" are started to grow frustrated with Greene's antics. "Her act is starting to wear thin," said the aide.

"I think this is an end result of what the House has become, what the posture of the House has become," said Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) "I think what you're seeing with a lot of the shenanigans on the floor is because so many members have so much time on their hands to be able to go to the floor, and worry about what's happening with suspension bills rather than moving along, trying to look at legislating into the future."