Video resurfaces showing Marjorie Taylor Greene saying she wouldn't want a statue of Hitler taken down

As Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to take heat for her comments comparing mask mandates to Nazi policies against the Jews during the Holocaust, a video from last year showing Greene arguing against the removal of Confederate monuments, saying that given the choice, she'd advocate to allow a statue of Hitler or Satan.

The video, which was first resurfaced by Punchbowl News reporter Jake Sherman, shows then-candidate Greene speaking before a Dalton, Georgia, city council meeting on June 15.

"We're seeing situations where Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, all kinds of statues are being attacked, and it seems to be just an effort to take down history," Greene says in the video. "And whether I see a statue that may be something that I would full disagree with, like Adolph Hitler -- maybe a statue of Satan himself -- I would not want to say take it down, but again, it's so that I could tell my children and teach others about who these people are and what they did."

Watch the video below: