Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she's the real victim after House Dems warn McCarthy that ‘her actions could lead to violence’
Marjorie Taylor Greene via Facebook

Marjorie Taylor Greene is playing the victim in response to a letter from Democrats calling on House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) to rein in the extremist Georgia Republican, saying her recent actions "could lead to violence against members of Congress."

"For the last six years, Democrats have called Republicans: Nazis, Fascists, White Supremacists, and Enemies of the State," Greene (R-GA) wrote in a statement. "It's absurd Democrats accuse me of creating an environment of harassment for speaking at a Trump rally and defining them as who they are: Communists."

The letter from Democrats pointed to Greene's remarks at former president Donald Trump's rally in Ohio last week, in which she referred to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY) as "a little communist from New York City," then nodded in agreement when the crowd chanted "lock her up."

The letter signed by nearly 40 Democrats states that Greene's conduct has reached an "unacceptable level," noting the anti-transgender sign she posted outside her office and across the hall from that of Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL), who has a trans daughter. In Thursday's statement, Greene deliberately flaunted her transphobia, misgendering Newman's daughter and referring to the congresswoman as "Marie Newperson."

"The truth is ... Cori Bush harasses me and it's on video, then lied to get a bigger office," Greene said. "Marie Newperson harassed me with a taunting video about her adult son. The Democrat delegate from Guam harassed me by using the National Guard and marched on my office.

"I receive constant harassment in public caused by the Democrat lies promoted by the media," Greene continued. "Democrats singled me out and kicked me off committees for doing nothing wrong, and the death threats haven't stopped since. And now the witch hunt continues in an attempt to overturn my 2020 election and kick me out of Congress."

Here's how Twitter reacted: