Marjorie Taylor Greene rant urges followers to sue doctors over ivermectin because it's used in Africa
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In a series of tweets on Saturday morning of dubious scientific value, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) urged her followers to sue doctors to force them to prescribe ivermectin -- a deworming paste -- for the treatment of Covid-19 and to also file a wrongful death suit if a family member was denied and passed away.

According to the Georgia Republican -- who helped run a family construction business before being elected to the House -- ivermectin is used in Africa --which she believes has lower Covid death rates -- and therefore should be used in the U.S. instead of CDC-approved vaccines.

In her 7-part tweet rant, she declared, "Africans have safely taken Ivermectin for decades and many clinical trials have proven Ivermectin to be a very effective safe & cheap treatment against #Covid," before adding, "Any doctor refusing to prescribe Ivermectin for Covid is participating in politics that is killing people."

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She then wrote, "With Africa's amazingly low death rate from Covid, combined with the lowest vaccine rate in the world & very little masking, the 'civilized' leaders of the world should immediately stop their tyrannical forced shutdowns, vaccine mandates, & absurd masking policies. If you had a loved one die from Covid, and they were not allowed to take Ivermectin or monoclonal antibodies, you might have a wrongful death suit in your hands."

"With all that is know about #Covid and all the covid studies and the known miracle of low deaths in Africa with very little vaccinations, it's no wonder the Tyrants announce a new #covidvariant from Africa and apply travel restrictions. They control you with irrational fear," she later accused.

You can see her tweets below: