'Shut it down!' Marjorie Taylor Greene demands government shutdown in House floor tantrum
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Screen Capture)

On Thursday, as the House prepared to vote on a bipartisan continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to the House floor in a fit of rage and railed against the agreement, demanding that there be a shutdown.

"What an outrage. What an irresponsibility," said Greene, a QAnon-linked representative who was stripped of committee assignments over social media activity endorsing the killing of Democrats. "That isn't courage. That is not responsibility. That is out-of-control behavior that this Congress needs to rein in."

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"This government should be shut down," Greene thundered. "You want to know why it should be shut down? Because the people in here, the people in here cannot control themselves. The people in here don't understand how to balance a checkbook. And the people in here do not deserve, deserve their responsibility on how to spend the American people's money. 29 trillion dollars! 29 trillion dollars, Madam Speaker. Shut it down! Do not pass the CR. Shut it down!"

Despite Greene's tantrum, the resolution passed the House late on Thursday afternoon.

Watch below: