Marjorie Taylor Greene flips out on 'clueless' Senate Republicans for letting Biden's judges be approved
Marjorie Taylor Greene Facebook screenshot

Taking to Twitter on Saturday afternoon, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) raged at "clueless" Senate Republicans for not staying up all night and blocking judicial appointments made by President Joe Biden.

Senate proceedings went on until the early hours of Saturday as lawmakers attempted to wrap up business as the holidays approach. However many Republicans didn't stick around -- even in the afternoon -- to vote on judicial nominations with the controversial Georgia Republican insisting all of them should be blocked regardless of qualifications.

In her first tweet, Taylor Greene included a list of GOP Senators' votes -- or non-votes -- while writing, "What happened in the Senate last night was an abomination. If the Republican Senators had simply stayed at work, they would have beaten every nomination after about 3pm. Half the conference left. Pathetic. No excuses for this. But what do you expect with failed leadership?"

Still furious two hours later, she added, "It’s absolutely disgusting that @SenateGOP allows this to happen. Republicans in the Senate could stop decades of Marxist judicial tyranny but instead either don’t bother to show up and vote or actually vote to confirm Biden’s noms. R Senators are clueless about the R base!!!"

You can see her tweets below: