'Needy' Marjorie Taylor Greene bashed by her own followers after she begs to be let back on Twitter
Phoro via Marjorie Taylor Greene Facebook page

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) earlier this week declared that Twitter was an "enemy" of America for banning her account.

However, just one day later, Greene went on right-wing Twitter alternative Gettr and demanded to have her account reinstated.

"Twitter forgot about the 2 times they accidentally suspended my account this past year," Greene wrote. "That means I’ve only had 3 strikes in their 5 strike system. Twitter has to reinstate my account immediately."

However, Greene's demand to be let back on Twitter did not go over well with many of her Gettr followers.

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"Don't post things like this, it makes you sound needy," wrote one follower.

"Why bother? Twitter is full of sheep," commented another.

"Just leave that sh*t show and support conservative media outlets," wrote another follower. "We the people need to replace leftist thought control were ever it is."

"Begging twitter to reinstate your account is beneath you," wrote a similarly disappointed fan.

Greene was permanently suspended by Twitter on Sunday for repeatedly violating its policy on posting misinformation about COVID-19.