Pro-Trump pastor buries Marjorie Taylor Greene: She 'spouts racist sounding stuff and wants us to defend it'
Pastor Darrell Scott with Donald Trump (Photo: Darrell Scott social media)

Pro-Trump Pastor Darrell Scott on Monday hammered Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), whom he accused of putting Black conservatives "in a bad position."

Writing on Twitter, Scott took Greene to task for criticizing GOP outreach efforts to Black voters as "pandering."

"I’m tired of White Conservatives LIKE MARJORIE TAYLOR GREEN putting Black Conservatives in a bad position by spouting racist sounding stuff and wanting us to defend it and/or her," he wrote. "She called outreach to Black voters 'pandering.' I’m not standing next to that drivel."

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Scott followed this up by noting people like Greene "don’t think 'formulating strategy to attract white suburban women' is pandering."

Some of Scott's followers tried to defend Greene by asking him to point to racist things she's said, and Scott pointed to videos she made before being elected in which she said it was impossible for Muslims to be loyal to the United States, as well as infamous remarks she made comparing pandemic-related restrictions to the Holocaust.

Greene has been suspended from Twitter for repeatedly violating the platform's ban on spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic.