WATCH: Woman calls Marjorie Taylor Greene 'embarrassment to the state' as she takes live callers
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Screen Capture)

On Wednesday, during an appearance on a live call-in show on UCTV, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was sharply chastised by one caller, who called her an "embarrassment."

"I just want to say thank God for Joe Biden," said the caller. "She is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia." As The Independent noted, "The criticism caused the Republican to tilt her head and purse her lips and force a smile in front of the camera."

“Well, we all have our opinions,” said the show's host, trying to save face. "Amen to that, and I've got mine," the caller replied before signing off.

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Greene is one of the most controversial members of the House GOP caucus. She has previously expressed support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory movement, including a theory about Jewish space lasers burning U.S. forests, and was stripped of her committee assignments following revelations she had endorsed social media posts calling for the execution of prominent Democrats.

Watch below: