Jamie Raskin mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene to her face at tense hearing: 'Sounds like you want to arm' fetuses
Office of Rep. Jaime Raskin.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (R-MD) on Friday mocked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to her face after she went on a mini-tirade about legalized abortion.

During a discussion at the House Rules Committee that was initially about the Second Amendment in the United States, Greene said that more Americans should want to take up arms because it would deter mass shooters from entering into schools.

"Do you think the students should be armed?" he asked her.

"I think children should be trained with firearms," Greene replied.

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"So they can repel someone who comes in?" Raskin asked.

"That's not what I said," Greene defensively replied. "I said I believe children should be trained with firearms so they understand how to use them."

Shortly after, the topic switched to abortion, which Greene angrily denounced.

"Abortion kills babies!" she said. "We're talking about kids being killed, abortion kills innocent children... They can't protect themselves at all from this horrific procedure."

"Sounds like you want to arm them," Raskin cracked.

"That's impossible," she replied. "That's impossible, Mr. Raskin."

Watch video below.