'Nonsensical and dangerous': GOP strategist rips Marjorie Taylor Greene for racist tirade
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) spurred a fresh wave of outrage on Thursday by invoking racist tropes to portray fellow Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) as aggressive and threatening, and claimed that people referring to her as a white supremacist are being as offensive as using the N-word.

Speaking to CNN that evening, Republican strategist Rina Shah laid into Greene.

"I want to ask you, Rina, what you made of that," said anchor Sara Sidner. "You know, we know from reporting, from CNN and everyone else's reporting, that Greene repeatedly indicated support for executing prominent Democratic politicians in 2016 — sorry, 2018, 2019, before she was elected to Congress. And now she's making this accusation that just didn't seem credible."

"Yeah, there's a lot to unpack here for someone who's sitting in a member of Congress' post," said Shah. "It's almost shocking to me. I'm a two-time senior congressional staffer over a decade ago. But I'll tell you, this was fast how we got here. To see this kind of extremism and a sitting member of Congress weaponize their words on the regular. But what she thinks somebody else is doing, the tactics she employs are not just nonsensical, it's dangerous, because it's whataboutism and it's wrapped up in racism. She doesn't reflect the views of white conservative women in this country."

Further, Shah continued, "the more she continues this, we'll be able to see her real ambition."

"I think we see some of it," said Shah. "She does these events because she fundraises off of them. You don't see any of her colleagues, the ones that look like her, woman of the GOP, in the House chamber, rushing to her defense. Because what I saw in that incident was a heated discussion between two colleagues. Was it civil? I think it was. But what it indicated is that she and many others, also on the other side of the aisle — I'm not going to say it's in equal amounts or the same way — but I want to say that we do see this declining civility in the body of Congress. That is most dangerous for us because that indicates higher levels of — they're going to get less stuff done, and higher dissatisfaction with Congress."

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Rina Shah calls Marjorie Taylor Greene's rant "nonsensical" and "dangerous" www.youtube.com