Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses press of rubbing 'fake smears across my face' in rant about her white nationalist speech
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Apparently still smarting over criticism from Democrats and Republicans for giving a speech at a white nationalist convention last weekend, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) went on an extended Twitter rant on Friday morning using some colorful and imaginative phrasing.

According to the controversial GOP lawmaker, the speech she gave at the America First convention, whose organizer boasted about the superiority of white Americans and praised Vladimir Putin, was similar to all of the speeches she gives.

After writing, "I gave the same consistent America First message at every event to everyone regardless of their identity or ideology. I said nothing wrong and have always denounced racism and anti-semitism, always will. Evil hateful statements are not America First and don’t belong," Taylor Greene claimed people are trying to "cancel" her and then lashed out at the press for reporting on it.

"I follow Christ and he spoke to all," she wrote before adding, "the media went into hyper mode to rub more fake smears across my face with their lies in the headlines and truth in the last paragraph tactics, but never even asked my district’s GOP chair for a comment. They don’t care what people think, they want to control what they think."

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After claiming, "The Washington machine is drunk on power and low on common sense, she added, "While the press run around the Capitol all day hearing my every word and analyzing every syllable in my speeches, they know more than anyone I’m not all the ‘isms of hate they have worked so hard to try to make the public believe. Their hypocrisy is screaming."

You can see the whole series of tweets below:

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