Marjorie Taylor Greene floats new anti-vax conspiracy theory in Twitter rant
Cnn screenshot

In a flurry of tweets on Sunday afternoon, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) floated a new conspiracy theory, saying the government mandate compelling government workers -- including the military -- to get vaccinated or face being ousted is how a communist overthrow of the U.S. government is being made possible.

As the controversial Republican lawmaker sees it, ousting law enforcement officials and service members who refuse to be vaccinated is a way for the Joe Biden administration to "purge anyone who won't comply with their authoritarian demands" which is the hallmark of "essential moves in communist countries."

She added, "After all, they can't eventually use force on the people unless they fully control the enforcers. It requires weeding out those that would stop or rise up in the ranks against communist control. In other words, real Patriots."

You can see her tweets below: