Marjorie Taylor Greene called out by Republican neurosurgeon for vaccine lies on CNN

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on Friday morning, the Georgia neurosurgeon who ran in the GOP primary against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2020 -- and lost -- called on the hosts of the CNN morning program to have her on as a guest and confront her about her lies about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Speaking with host John Berman, Dr. John Cowan explained how he went to a recent Greene rally and offered free vaccinations to anyone -- and received no takers.

"We didn't get anybody to take the vaccine that morning, but what we did do was put a positive spin on getting vaccinated," Cowan recalled. "The folks who were there saw that leaders in the community had already gotten vaccinated. That the face of the vaccine was their neighbor, their relative, people who treated them in other circumstances. I operated on a lot of folks who were at that rally. If they trusted me to operate on their brain and spine, I would hope they would trust me to give a safe and proven vaccine."

"You went to deliver shots and you delivered zero?" Berman pressed.

"That's right," the doctor replied.

"What does that tell you in general? How was it received, I should ask. How was it received when you were talking about the vaccine?" the CNN host asked.

"I think everyone understands the importance of vaccination," Cowan explained. "Look, we've been on a sinking ship for a year and a half. President Trump helped build some rafts on that ship. Biden has deployed a lot of those life rafts and we've got people who just need to get on the lifeboat. Unfortunately, we have people out there, too, who are destroying some of the lifeboats, what we don't need to have happen."

"What message do you think people are hearing?" Berman prodded. "It's good that you're delivering this message there. I don't know it was at this same rally, but Marjorie Taylor Greene says things publicly about the vaccine which just aren't true and she's got a lot of people to pay attention."

"She does, unfortunately," the doctor agreed. "She says a lot of things that are untrue and I would encourage you to bring her on and challenge her on that. I'm doing the best I can to promote a safe face of vaccination. This is really a miraculous vaccine; it was developed under President Trump, it was deployed under President Biden. We have bipartisan support for this vaccine if people want to make it political."

Watch below:

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