Marjorie Taylor Greene doxxes National Children's Museum official for 'talking about race'
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) incited her fans to crash the National Children's Museum website on Tuesday because it described efforts to teach children about racism.

During an appearance on Real America's Voice with host Steve Bannon, Greene explained that she had attempted to have the National Children's Museum evicted because it included anti-racism messages on its website. Greene accused the museum of practicing critical race theory.

The congresswoman complained that the museum had continued to present the messages against racism on its website after being funded by Congress.

"Here's the things they have put back on [the website]," she said. "Talking about race, the impact of racism on a child and adolescence's health... talking to children about racial bias."

"Hello, kids are not racist, everyone," Greene continued. "And this is the best country in the world where everyone is equal so we need to stop the insanity and this doesn't have anything to do with science, technology, engineering, arts, or math."

"I have a homework project for all of you," Greene told the audience. "I'm going to train all of you to be activists... You are going to stop the insanity and that is how we save the country."

The Georgia Republican then provided the cell phone number of a woman who she identified as the "director" of the National Children's Museum.

"Crystal, the director of the National Children's Museum, needs to hear from you at home," she added. "And needs to understand how important it is you moms and dads that she does not ever allow critical race theory teaching in her museum and in their resources and on their website."

Following a commercial break, Bannon revealed that "patriots" who watch his program had crashed the museum's website.

"Let's keep it crashed," he said.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.