Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Biden family is 'the largest crime syndicate' in America
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed Thursday that the President Joe Biden and his family represent "the largest crime syndicate that America has ever seen."

Greene, who also recently alleged (without providing any proof) she had seen 2,000 pages of evidence outlining the crimes by the Biden family, posted on Twitter to suggest that the media is hiding misdeeds of Biden and his family members.

She also claims to be in favor of exposing any elected official who is caught engaging sex workers, despite defending former president Donald Trump as he faces criminal charges in connection with hush-money payments purportedly made to at least one porn star, Stormy Daniels.

"The press isn't interested in talking about it, but the Biden family is the largest crime syndicate that America has ever seen," Greene wrote Thursday. "I don’t care what party you are, if you are an elected official involved in influencing peddling, money laundering, and buying prostitutes, I want you exposed."

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Accompanying the tweet was a video featuring Greene being interviewed. In the video, she says, "My takeaway right now is that a lot of the press is not interested in hearing about" purported evidence against Biden and his family."

She further claims that there is "real evidence" that Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was engaged in human sex trafficking. "It was a prostitution ring," she added.

Greene was also recently discovered to have spent $55,000 in campaign funds, apparently for the purchase of a home fence.