Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on Wednesday that MAGA fans should prepare for a "long-term war" against liberals but she insisted that the fight did not necessarily need to be "bloody."

"They are singling you out as the problem," Bannon told Greene during an interview on Real America's Voice, referring to a column by David Brooks that declared the death of conservatism.

"He doesn't get to define Trumpism," Greene said. "I represent the American people. These are the same people they look down on. These are the same people that they forget about. These are the same people they can't even relate to because they are so stuck up because they are so highly educated and because they think they are so much better than everyone."

"I'm happy to be the face of the American people," she ranted before saying that traditional Republicans had caused "alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, failed marriages and caused traditional families to fall apart and small towns to crumble."

Greene raised her voice as she continued.

"I could care less who David Brooks is!" she screamed. "I came here to fix it and I'm bringing the American people with me."

The Georgia lawmaker said that she would use "every bit of her energy" to rid the Republican Party of anyone who doesn't believe in the MAGA movement.

"You cannot stop the American people and the American people don't even have to be violent to take these people down," Greene remarked.

Bannon noted that Greene has been accused of creating "false narratives" about critical race theory and vaccine mandates.

"We haven't made anything up! We've told the truth!" Greene insisted. "And we're going to continue to tell the truth. And let me tell you something, this is going to be a long-term war in our country and it doesn't have to be a bloody war. But it is a war that we have to continue to fight."

Watch the video below.

'I could care less!' Marjorie Taylor Greene rants over traditional Republicans