Opponent slams Marjorie Taylor Greene at GOP debate: 'No bill you've authored has passed'
GPB/screen grab

A Republican candidate for Congress attacked Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) at a debate over the weekend for passing no legislation and not being a member of any committees in Congress.

At a Republican primary debate on Sunday, candidate Seth Synstelien challenged Greene on her record.

"We're all here because we have concerns about the seat," Synstelien explained. "See, you bought contractor stock before railing against profitable wars. Your words and actions are consistently inconsistent. No bill you've authored has passed and you have no committee power to advocate for this district."

"Without resorting to rhetoric about Democrat boogeymen, Biden and the woke left, answer this," he continued. "Can you tell us one or two specific objectives that affect our wallets that you can actually pass and explain how you plan to get it done without being guaranteed a committee assignment?"

"Thank you for that question, Seth," Greene replied. "And I know this is your first time being a candidate as well."

Greene defended her purchase of defense stocks by insisting that she did not know about the trade until she read about it in the newspaper.

"Now, here's what we have to do," she said. "You have to understand and remember. Democrats are in control in Washington right now. Republicans aren't getting anything done -- even the Republicans on committees aren't getting anything done. And if they were, you wouldn't see the radical destruction of America going on right now, our wide-open borders. We are having inflation out of control and we are no longer energy independent as Americans."

"So what I look forward to doing is when we take back the House, I'll have great committee assignments," the congresswoman vowed. "Kevin McCarthy and leadership have already promised them to me. And we look forward to holding Democrats accountable for all the corruption and horrible things they've done in our country."

"That's too big an if," Synstelien responded. "Voting for Ms. Greene is a gamble as she's not guaranteed committee power. She's not even accountable for her own tweets or her staff's. We're still not clear on who is acting on the district's behalf. So, how can anyone expect her to bring accountability to Washington?"

"Her only leadership trait right now is rallying people against an enemy," he added. "And little to none of what she just said encourages business in our district or fights out-of-control inflation."

Watch the video below or at this link.