Marjorie Taylor Green: July 4 shooting 'designed' to force gun control and ruin 'MAGA Month'
Facebook/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) argued this week that a mass shooting at a July Fourth parade in Illinois was "designed" to ruin "MAGA month" and convince Republicans to support gun control.

During her MTG Live broadcast on Tuesday, Greene suggested that the shooting was a false flag event staged by anti-gun forces.

Greene noted that the shooting occurred in the "rich, white neighborhood" of Highland Park.

"It almost sounds like it's designed to persuade Republicans to go along with more gun control," she opined. "I mean, after all, remember we didn't see that happen at all the Pride parades in the month of June! But as soon as we hit MAGA month, as soon as we hit the month that we're all celebrating loving our country, we have shootings on July Fourth."

"I mean, that would sound like a conspiracy theory, right?" she laughed. "Of course."

Greene also complained that the suspect "dressed as a woman" during the shooting.

"I think identity is important so they can be found," she said. "That's something we used to care about in this country."

Watch the video below or at this link.