Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Dems over Jan. 6 in first appearance on Oversight Committee
House Oversight Committee/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made her first appearance as a member of the House Oversight Committee and complained about the investigation of the Jan. 6 attacks when Congress was under the control of Democrats.

At the first Oversight Committee hearing of the new Congress, Greene responded to a Democratic amendment requiring a majority vote for the committee to issue subpoenas. The lawmaker disagreed with the amendment and argued that Chairman James Comer (R-AL) should have the sole power to issue subpoenas.

"I would also like to remind the committee that after two years of a very heavy controlled hand here in Congress on committees, where Republicans didn't have a voice," she remarked. "I, in particular, had no voice, having no committees, being stripped of them by our former Speaker and Democrats in Congress."

Greene pointed to "President Trump and how his family has been treated" as an example of the abuse of subpoena power. She complained that Eric Trump had been subpoenaed "over 400 times."

"So, I think subpoena power is extremely important," she added. "But I oppose this amendment because the Democrats have proven what they do with subpoena power, especially with the Jan. 6 Committee, and I think we can trust Republicans on this committee and our new chairman, Jamie Comer, to do a great job with it."

Watch the video below from the House Oversight Committee.