Marjorie Taylor Greene whines about jailed Capitol rioters being held in solitary for Christmas
Facebook screenshot

Following a twenty-tweet outburst on Sunday morning attacking the Build Back Better bill before complaining that the New Green Deal is a harbinger of communism, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) came to the defense of the Capitol rioters who are being held in jail pending their trials.

In this case, the controversial lawmaker lamented the fact that some of them were held in solitary confinement for Christmas before she launched an attack on the jail's deputy warden.

Taylor Greene, who has made several visits to the jail to meet with the accused insurrectionists -- calling them "political prisoners" -- made her latest charge on Twitter, while citing numbers from conservative pollster Rasmussen that claimed that 58 percent of voters asked think the House committee investigating the Jan 6th riot "... has weaponized its powers against innocent Americans."

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According to Taylor Greene, "Yes J6 scam committee has weaponized its powers against its political enemies. Now how do voters feel about pretrial J6 defendants being held in solitary confinement over Christmas for absolutely no reason at all? "

She then added, "Do they think Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin should be fired?"

You can see her tweet below: