Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals Highland Park shooter wanted her jailed for Jan. 6
OAN/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) revealed this week that the man accused of murdering seven people at a July Fourth parade in Illinois wanted her jailed for an alleged role in the Jan. 6 attacks.

During an interview with OAN, Greene said that Democrats wanted to paint mass shooters as conservatives.

"That's the narrative over and over again," she opined. "But they can't do it with this guy because all of his likes and things he posted on his own social media prove that he was a leftist."

"As a matter of fact, he liked a social media post saying that I should be in jail for Jan. 6!" the lawmaker continued. "Bobby Crimo is not a Trump supporter. He's not a Marjorie Taylor Greene fan, either. He is a radical leftist."

Greene noted that Crimo "liked our Vice President Kamala Harris."

"He followed her," she said. "I don't follow her! I bet you don't follow her. He also liked the CDC. I don't like the CDC's page. I don't follow the CDC! But many leftists do."

She added: "He was as mainstream Democrat as you can get. He was not a Trump supporter and not one of ours."

According to NBC News, alleged shooter Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III left a trail of social media clues but did not post about politics often. In one post, he appeared at a Trump rally dressed as the Where's Waldo character. In another post, Crimo draped himself in a Trump flag.

Politifact recently gave Greene a "false" rating after she shared a photoshopped image of Crimo.

Watch the video below from OAN or at this link.