Marjorie Taylor Greene tells GOP donors: 'We are the Americans... and we need to throw out the trash'
Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to reporters in Georgia. (Screenshot/

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told a group of Republican donors over the weekend that Americans need to "throw out the trash" when securing the border.

While speaking at a Reagan dinner in Ohio, Greene said that her generation had a responsibility to the country.

"But we also need to remember, where we are the Americans, and we should have a lot of pride in our home and our country," she opined. "And that's why we have to recognize the battle that the radical left has brought to our front door because we need to clean up our house."

"We need to fight for it," she continued. We need to shut our doors. We need to shut our windows. We need to throw out the trash, and we need to clean it up."

Greene also said she was "solidly supporting Donald J. Trump for president" in 2024.

"I would give anything for mean tweets," she argued. "Because they come with world peace. That's something we had under President Trump. They come with secure, strong borders and a border wall that will be finished high, finished long, and will be safe for America."

Watch the video clip below or at the link.