Marjorie Taylor Greene: I called Trump and 'he agrees' that Mitch McConnell is 'to blame for all of our problems'
Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Screenshot/

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Monday took to Twitter and claimed that she had a phone conversation with former President Donald Trump in which he purportedly agreed that Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell deserves blame for everything.

Greene claims that she told Trump that she's fed up with members of her party who purportedly don't "fight" against Democrats enough.

"I’m sick and tired of weak pathetic Republicans who won’t fight hard against the Democrats Communist agenda," she wrote. "I told him I need strong courageous people to help me in Congress."

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She then turned her attention directly to McConnell.

"I told President Trump that RINO’s like Mitch McConnell are to blame for all of our problems," she wrote. "He agrees. RINO’s are the worst! I told him Republicans in the Senate are approving all of Biden’s picks in record speed and it’s nauseating. They fought Trump’s picks nonstop."

Trump has repeatedly attacked McConnell since leaving office, and was angry at him for placing blame on the former president for his role in inciting the January 6th Capitol riots.

Despite this, however, McConnell still voted to acquit Trump during his second impeachment trial.