Mark Meadows conspired with a lawmaker to send bogus Trump electors to Congress
Rep. Mark Meadows

A newly released report shows Mark Meadows was deeply involved in unconstitutional efforts to keep Donald Trump in power.

The House select committee issued a contempt report Sunday night alleging that Meadows, then White House chief of staff, sent emails and text messages in November 2020 discussing plans to send "alternate electors" to Congress, and he responded "I love it" when communicating about the strategy with an unidentified member of Congress, reported Newsweek.

"Mr. Meadows received text messages and emails regarding apparent efforts to encourage Republican legislators in certain States to send alternate slates of electors to Congress, a plan which one Member of Congress acknowledged was 'highly controversial' and to which Mr. Meadows responded, 'I love it,'" the report said. "Mr. Meadows responded to a similar message by saying '[w]e are' and another such message by saying 'Yes. Have a team on it,."

Meadows also introduced the former president to then-Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark as part of the wide-ranging effort to overturn Trump's election loss.

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"Mr. Clark went on to recommend to Mr. Trump that he be installed as Acting Attorney General and that DOJ should send a letter to State officials urging them to take certain actions that could affect the outcome of the November 2020 election by, among other things, appointing alternate slates of electors to cast electoral votes for Mr. Trump rather than now-President Biden," the report said.

Meadows also sent an email Jan. 5 recommending the National Guard be placed on "standby" so the troops could be "present to protect pro-Trump people," according to the report, and communicated with an organizer of the "Stop the Steal" rally the following day.

"Mr. Meadows exchanged text messages with, and provided guidance to, an organizer of the January 6th rally on the Ellipse after the organizer told him that '[t]hings have gotten crazy and I desperately need some direction. Please," the report said.