WATCH: Ex-GOP official laughs out loud after ‘dumb’ Mark Meadows hands coup PowerPoint to investigators
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Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday, former Republican National Committee head Michael Steele laughed at the predicament former Donald Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows has found himself in after turning over information to the House committee investigating the former president's attempt at staging a coup in order to stay in office.

As Steele noted, Meadow's new book isn't helping matters for the former GOP lawmaker who is trying to avoid testifying under oath.

With host Jonathan Capehart promoting, "If it were going to my lawyer, I would be quaking in my boots," Steele began, "I think he is concerned about that. There's no doubt Meadows finds himself in a situation that he has created."

"You can look at the early behavior from the book launch to his turning over all these documents that he was repositioning himself to come clean," Steele elaborated. "He was beginning to buy into the narrative that Trump would be less of a factor inside the GOP until he realized he wasn't and that became clear after he released his book and then went out and said that his own book was fake news after Trump called him out."

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Laughing the former GOP official continued, "I mean, how dumb do you have to be to write a book and then said, 'oh, no, I just made all that up'? It makes no sense. So he finds himself now in this situation where he's given over all of these documents, and this is -- I know a lot of people are anxious about the January 6th committee, but give it time, folks because they're sitting on a treasure trove of information and they are making the moves they're making because they know what they know and everybody else doesn't know what they know because they turned -- they don't know what Mark's turned over versus what this group over here's turned over."

Watch below:

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