Mark Meadows' texts 'paint a very clear portrait' of Team Trump's plot to overthrow the election: Maggie Haberman
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On CNN Thursday, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman analyzed the claims made by former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA), an adviser to the January 6 committee, in an exclusive CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, about former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows's messages about the plot to over turn the 2020 presidential election.

"Denver Riggleman in there saying that basically the text messages made him sick, they are a roadmap, a roadmap to what?" asked anchor John Berman.

"Look, they clearly are a roadmap," said Haberman. "I actually have had this conversation with people both working on the investigation and my own colleagues that if this committee did not have Meadows' texts, I'm not sure what they would have. They paint a very clear portrait of what was being discussed, who he was talking to. Where it all goes from here, we have seen some of the text messages, they are stunning. I assume there are others we haven't seen that we will learn about, but what it adds up to it after the public hearings, where this is all going, I think, is a big open question. There is no question that the events of January 6th were horrifying to watch. What happens? Do people get held accountable? We know a lot of people involved in the riot have been charged. Does anyone else get charged beyond contempt of Congress? We'll see."

"What do you think the stakes are for next week?" asked Berman. "In some ways we have known the hearings are coming, but I also think they're sneaking up on us. They're a big deal."

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"One set of stakes is for the country," said Haberman. "That set of stakes is about the fact that what took place after November 3rd in the leadup to January 6th, there were aspects of it we have seen before in previous elections, mostly court challenges. And there were decidedly aspects we have not, conversations about at least in modern history, conversations about the Insurrection Act, conversations about seizing the apparatus of the elections. That is important, I think, to remind the public what we were talking about and how close things came to the brink. In terms of what it more immediately means in terms of explaining the investigation, I do think the committee has set a pretty high expectation for what might come out of these hearings. We have heard repeatedly, I think, that the former congressman said it, the current members of the House have said it, who are work on this investigation, there is going to be evidence that will blow the roof off the Capitol essentially. They have to make good on that."

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Mark Meadows' texts 'paint a very clear portrait' of Team Trump's plot to overthrow the election