QAnon follower charged in bizarre booby trap incident that injured salesman
Mary Jo Remington mugshot.

A QAnon adherent was arrested on felony charges for allegedly setting up booby traps at her home that wound up injuring a door-to-door salesman.

The salesman for a house painting company didn't notice a "no trespassing" sign posted near the front porch of a Colorado house occupied by Tracy Jo Remington and Bryan Hill and unwittingly walked into a tripwire the pair had set up, setting off an explosive device that caused hearing damage, reported Vice News.

"[Salesman Dylan Martin heard] a loud bang [and] saw a bright white flash of light,” read an affidavit in the case. “[He] immediately felt disoriented with his vision being blurred and [causing] his ears to ring.”

The salesman's colleague heard the bang from a few houses away and rushed to check on Martin, and a garage door opened as he approached and Hill shouted, "No trespassing."

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The two salesmen fled the neighborhood, but Martin called police a few days later because his ears were still ringing and he was experiencing constant headaches, and officers went to the property and found the tripwire and a shotgun-type device connected to it that used blanks in a nearby bush.

Neighbors said Remington and Hill had warned them not to allow children to play near their home, and a SWAT team executed a search warrant March 15 and found a second tripwire device near the back entrance that contained pepper spray.

The pair were each charged with six counts, including assault and conspiracy, and Vice found that Remington believed the "warning devices" were necessary to protect her from Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as other enemies of the QAnon movement.

Remington, who gained nearly 14,000 followers on Twitter, accused the Clinton Foundation Network of being the "largest child sex trafficking network" and claimed McDonalds, through some affiliation with the former president and first lady, of grinding up human remains to serve in food, and she also claimed that children's body parts were used to make Jolly Rancher and Sour Patch candies.

She also worked with QAnon promoter Timothy Charles Holmseth, who claims to work for the nonexistent "Pentagon Pedophile Task Force," and has for years baselessly accused her ex-husband of child sex abuse.

Remington, who served 16 months in prison for firing a gun at her former husband, has indicated she would attempt to use a sovereign citizen defense in the booby trap case.