​Bobby Crimo III
Photos: Social Media

The "person of interest" in the Highland Park shooting, Robert Crimo III, was caught in north Chicago on Highway 41 after an officer spotted the car following the all-points bulletin that went out to the area.

During a 6:30 p.m. CDT briefing by police, the officer called for backup and attempted to initiate a traffic stop of Mr. Crimo. He took off and the officer took chase, with others who also moved in to stop him. They were able to get him stopped and make the arrest without incident.

Helicopter footage is showing police searching the vehicle, presumably looking for more possible weaponry.

A former police chief told MSNBC that they will likely double-check fingerprints on the weapon recovered and check those with the person arrested. If those match they can officially declare him the "suspect."

The restrictions of the neighborhood have been lightened, reporters on the ground explained. People living in the area have been able to get back into their homes if they were away from the area or move from where they were sheltering in place.

You can learn more about Mr. Crimo here. You can see a video captured by an observer below: