Texas GOPer trashed for 'appalling' tweet as cops responded to multiple shooting deaths in Austin
YouTube screenshot

A Republican lawmaker from Texas was the recipient of a furious response on Twitter Sunday after he used the first reports of a shooting in Austin to promote a bill in the legislature that would make it easier for anyone to carry a gun.

State Rep. Jared L. Patterson (R) took to Twitter and first promoted House Bill 1927 that would allow handguns to be carried without a permit before extending his sympathy to the victims of America's latest gun-relatedmultiple homicide.

According to Patterson, "Evil exists in this world. HB 1927 gives law-abiding citizens the ability to fight back, to protect themselves and their families w/out being restricted by the govt. God bless and comfort those killed and affected by the shooting in Austin today. It's time for us to fight back."

Patterson's comments before police had even released details of the shooting that resulted in at least three dead, set off a flurry of criticism as you can see below: