Matt Gaetz's public attacks on pal Joel Greenberg could blow up his defense: Ex-prosecutor
Matt Gaetz (Screen Capture)

Former federal prosecutor Shan Wu explained how Rep. Matt Gaetz's public attacks on former Florida tax official Joel Greenberg, who is cooperating with authorities on the sex trafficking and corruption probes involving the congressman, could blow up in his face.

"Despite reports of being under a federal investigation and Gaetz's close friends being willing to cooperate with investigators, Congressman Gaetz continues to talk about this case in this manner," said CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield, playing a clip of Gaetz saying, "I'm not too worried about Joel Greenberg" because he is "literally sitting in jail right now" for a false accusation of a child sex crime. "How risky is this approach that he's taking?"

"It's very, very risky," said Wu, "and I, frankly, think it would prevent him from ever being able to testify on his own behalf. He's been saying so many things publicly about his alleged defense and that's posturing, saying he's not afraid of Greenberg because Greenberg's sitting in jail. That's exactly why he should be afraid of Greenberg because he's sitting in jail and has high motivation to give up evidence against Gaetz."

"This idea Greenberg carries a lot of baggage, that's true," continued Wu. "Greenberg may carry a bit more than most. But it's not entirely on Greenberg. There's evidence that will corroborate what he says and, of course, most importantly, any of these women, particularly the 17-year-old child's victim, if they testify, that's going to be devastating for Gaetz because he has no defense to having sex with an underage child."

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Former prosecutor says Matt Gaetz could be boxing himself in by attacking Joel Greenberg