Matt Gaetz's plea for a pardon shows how Trumpism ruins the lives of true believers: ex-GOP congressman

On CNN Tuesday, former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) weighed in on the sex trafficking scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), exacerbated by a new report that he sought a pardon from former President Donald Trump months ago as the investigation was gathering steam.

"If Matt Gaetz talked to the president or White House officials about a blanket pardon, it indicates he was probably worried about something and something was underway and he knew about it," said Curbelo. "And look, Matt Gaetz is kind of the perfect example of how people who get caught up in Trumpism and Trump World, in a lot of ways their lives get ruined and they face major issues."

"Matt Gaetz, when he arrived in Congress, was someone that a lot of Republicans were hopeful would speak to the younger generation of conservatives, advocated for cannabis reform, good on criminal justice reform, told Republicans to pay attention to [environmental] issues, then rather than being a mouthpiece or voice of younger generations of conservatives, he became the mouthpiece of Donald Trump, got contaminated in that world. And look, he deserves his day in court, to clear the air here and explain what, if anything, happened, but right now things don't look good for him, and that happens to a lot of people who get caught up in Donald Trump's web and Donald Trump's attitude and mentality and arrogance."

Watch below:

Carlos Curbelo on Matt Gaetz scandal