'Not one more damn penny': Matt Gaetz threatens to defund law enforcement over FBI raid on Trump
Photo via Saul Loeb/AFP

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called to defund the law enforcement capabilities of the Department of Justice after former President Donald Trump's Florida home was raided by the FBI.

During an interview with conservative podcaster Steve Bannon, Gaetz compared the FBI to East German Stasi officers.

"They just wanted to storm the place like the East German Stasi," the congressman insisted. "This is in my opinion the most defining moment of the Joe Biden presidency. Before this, it would have been Afghanistan."

Gaetz suggested that Biden was behind the raid that occurred after Democrats "got their polling back" on the Inflation Reduction Act.

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"At the same time, they see that we are closing in on Hunter Biden," he said. "We're going to be able to pull those investigative threads with subpoena power."

"So if that's the diagnosis, my assessment that the antidote has to be not one more damn penny for this administrative state that has been weaponized against our people in a very fascist way," Gaetz threatened. "They want to ensure that they centralize their power and so it's my perspective that, you know, if they want to limit the choices of voters with this performative activity then we ought to limit the resources that they have to be able to execute on it."

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