Matt Schlapp accuser now faces accusation of sexual battery
Matt Schlapp speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), photo by Gage Skidmore.

The man who leveled allegations of sexual assault against CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp is now facing his own allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Washington Post has reviewed court documents showing that 39-year-old Carlton Huffman, a former campaign aide to failed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, was accused by a 22-year-old housemate and another 19-year-old woman of performing sexual acts on them without their consent.

The allegations resulted in a judge granting a restraining order mandating that Huffman stay away from the 19-year-old woman for at least one year, while the 22-year-old woman was granted a 10-day protective order against him.

No criminal charges have been filed against Huffman.

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Although the allegations made against Huffman are sure to cast doubt on his accusations against Schlapp, the former Walker aide has also been able to back up his claims with the help of contemporaneous text messages, which have also been corroborated by other members of Walker's campaign staff.

Huffman not only informed the campaign of the alleged incident shortly after it happened but also recorded videos in its aftermath in which he described Schlapp's actions.

"Matt Schlapp of the CPAC grabbed my junk and pummeled it at length, and I’m sitting there thinking what the hell is going on, that this person is literally doing this to me,” the staffer said. “From the bar to the Hilton Garden Inn, he has his hands on me. And I feel so f*cking dirty. I feel so f*cking dirty."