'Hot-head' gun shop owner identified as Capitol rioter by his Facebook friends -- who say he 'had grown bitter'
Matthew Loganbill. (FBI photo)

A Missouri gun shop owner has been arrested and charged with taking part in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Matthew Loganbill, the owner of Tooth and Nail Armory in Gravois Mills, was taken into custody March 19 charged with obstruction of a congressional proceeding, unlawful entry and violent entry or disorderly conduct after he was identified by social media associates, reported Lake News Online.

The FBI received two confidential tips from witnesses who reported social media posts by the 55-year-old Loganbill, of Versailles, stating that he had participated in the deadly U.S. Capitol riot, including screen shots of the posts and a connected IP address.

One witness described Loganbill as a "hot-head who had grown bitter over the last year because of the negative financial impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic."

A second witness reported social media posts from Loganbill showing that he attended the "Stop the Steal" protest where former president Donald Trump urged his supporters to march on the Capitol.

Loganbill was interviewed Jan. 13 by the FBI and admitted to traveling to Washington, D.C., for the protest with like-minded individuals, but said he was unaware of plans to storm the Capitol.

Investigators were granted a warrant to search Loganbill's social media account, which confirmed he was in the Capitol and contradicted some of the claims he made to FBI agents.

Loganbill told investigators he wore a helmet and gas mask because he assumed anti-fascist demonstrators would infiltrate the pro-Trump demonstration.