This reporter met the 'Mayor of MAGAville' – and was stunned by the 'unbearable emptiness'
Forgiato Blow. (Screenshot/

There's no shortage of outlandish characters in Donald Trump world, but perhaps none more so than Forgiato Blow.

Blow, whose real name is Kurt Jantz, is not Trump's nephew - even though his leather vest is adorned with a patch declaring a familial relationship. The heavily-tattooed 38-year-old has declared himself the "Mayor of MAGAville," mostly because he's a recording studio machine making rap songs praising the former president and all aspects of his Trumpian MAGA culture. "Trump Nephew" is the title of his latest album.

Vice News reporter Tess Owen recently spent considerable time with the Clearwater, FL, man and presents an intriguing portrait of him.

For several years Jantz has been at the forefront of a niche music subculture that he calls “MAGA rap,” or “patriot rap” or “MAGA music.” He and others have hijacked the flashiest elements of the South Florida rap scene to make music about Donald Trump.

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Owen writes: "He never achieved any mainstream musical recognition of note, but like many other MAGA World celebrities, he was later able to carve out a niche for himself within the movement surrounding Donald Trump. In 2016, he put out his first pro-Trump song, 'Silver Spoon.' Today he’s got more than 116,000 subscribers on YouTube, racks up hundreds of thousands of views on his videos, and has streams in the millions on Spotify. His 'Let’s Go Brandon' Christmas single hit over a million views on YouTube."

Lets Go Brandon - Forgiato Blow

Jantz told Owen, “I’ve always thought I was the Donald Trump of rap,” said Jantz. “In the music industry, everyone loved me, but nobody wanted to support me on a big record label. Or everybody wants to support me and be my friend when they need something from me. I felt like that was like Trump—before he was president, everybody loved him… Said he’s going to be the president and they said, ‘No way.’ And then what happened? He became the president. That’s like me and music. I said I was going to make it through, you know, being a white rapper.”

On Twitter, Owen said that she expected to meet "a swaggering Florida party boy." But instead, she "found a lonely man who seemed to embody the unbearable emptiness of 'MAGAville.'"

He drives around Florida in a Rolls-Royce that's painted cotton-candy pink and neon blue and is covered in drawings of dollar bills, Bitcoins, piggy banks - and Richie Rich. On the hood are the words “Trump’s Nephew.” While he was parking the vehicle outside a Hooters restaurant, Owen noted a man in the parking lot deriding the vehicle: “Who the hell drives that? Captain Crunch?”

You can read the entire captivating profile here.