Anti-McCarthy GOPers 'are in for a rude awakening' now that he's speaker: conservative analyst
Lauren Boebert (Photo by Michael Reynolds for AFP)

With Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) assuming the House speakership after 15 grueling roll-call vote counts due to a faction in his own caucus who bitterly opposed him, one GOP adviser claimed that anti-McCarthy GOPers are likely going to pay for putting up a protracted fight.

Speaking with CNN host Alex Marquardt, conservative campaign consultant Alice Stewart explained the bitterness of the speaker vote will linger and that some of their Republican colleagues in the House are furious about their demands for more power.

"One of the next things that's going to happen in the near future, Alice, is committee assignments," the CNN host prompted. "This is not entirely up to Speaker McCarthy. There's a steering committee that assigns members of Congress to the various committees. How do you expect, or where do you expect, some of these conservative rebels, as we've been calling them, in terms of what they may or may not get in terms of committee assignments?"

"I don't think there's going to be as much under the Christmas tree for them in that regard as they seem to think," Stewart quickly replied. "Speaking with a lot of members of the rational Republican group throughout the weekend, specifically late into the night last night, they were frustrated. They were angry. They felt this was completely unnecessary given the fact that every concession they had requested had been met and this was not a matter of policy, this was just about personality conflicts with Kevin McCarthy."

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"Here these people have gone in day-in and day-out for all the right reasons for the party and for policies, and you have people like [Rep. Matt] Gaetz and [Rep. Lauren] Boebert who are in a vanity project to raise money for the future. They do have the opportunity to decide who gets on which committee and where and, I can guarantee you, Alex, that they're going to be quite selective in who gets on which committee."

"Certainly Matt Gaetz has his eye on the prize for a key committee assignment, but they're going to be in for a rude awakening because their colleagues are frustrated with the fact that they have a job to do," she added.

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