The View's Meghan McCain responds to ‘Flyin Ted’ Cruz scandal by changing the topic — and quickly gets schooled
Meghan McCain. (ABC/Screenshot)

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain didn't exactly defend Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for abandoning his constituents for Cancún during a statewide power outage, but she did change the subject.

The Texas Republican ended the widely criticized vacation after about 12 hours and flew home without his wife and children, who he tried to blame for the travel plans, but McCain didn't really feel like talking about it.

"I echo everything everyone else said," McCain began. "Obviously, it's incredibly tone deaf, and it's everything everyone said, it's despicable. I think if you have one role as a leader or as an elected official, it's to be with your constituents during a time of crisis."

She swiftly shifted the topic to fouls committed by Democratic elected officials.

"Politicians can get away with more now than they used to be able to," McCain said. "I mean, we have [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi getting a haircut during quarantine when no one else in the state was allowed to. [Gov.] Gavin Newsom spending $20,000 going to a high-end restaurant in Napa Valley after telling people in California they couldn't be dining indoors. [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer bucking every rule we put in place, and obviously Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo. The explosion on Twitter is warranted, but I wish last night when I was seeing the absolute outrage and more time being dedicated towards this scandal, I wish we had a modicum of what was dedicated to the Cruz scandal dedicated to the scandal with Gov. Cuomo where 15,000, you know, elderly people were, you know, tragically died in nursing homes and the media has ignored it for a year."

"It's fun to dunk on Ted Cruz, I get it," she added. "He's wildly disliked, and Lindsey Graham said you could shoot him on the congressional floor and no one would say anything. He's a very disliked person in Washington, D.C. I get it, but I just think there are also other scandals that I wish that Democrats were hit in the same way for things they have justifiably done wrong, that Republicans are, as well."

Moderator Joy Behar conceded her point, but reminded McCain they were going to discuss the New York nursing home scandal later in the show.

"You have a point, you do -- you made a good point," Behar said. "But we are going after Andrew Cuomo like crazy right now, and it's going to happen on this show soon. Not yet, because when we come back, Nikki Haley is on the GOP's shortlist to run for president in 2024, but will [Donald] Trump make her pay a price for crossing him like he does everybody else? We'll see."

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