Michael Cohen hands the DOJ some advice as they try to track down Trump's missing documents
Donald and Melania Trump (Photo by Jim Watson for AFP)

During an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday morning, former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen advised the DOJ to move forward with indicting the former president over the theft of government files and then lying about it, and then suggested they look into the possibility he photocopied sensitive documents.

Speaking with host Ali Velshi, the former Trump "fixer" excitedly complained that he and the MSNBC host would already be in jail if they had treated the DOJ the way Trump has.

Reacting to a New York Times report that Trump plotted to use stolen files as a bargaining chip in trade for information on the FBI's investigation into ties between his 2016 campaign and the Russians, Cohen began "This whole issue is absolutely crazy. The fact that we have to sit there, and play this game with a former president of the United States? 'I want my documents back?' He's not entitled to them."

"First and foremost, they are not his," he added. "Second of all, we know that he has more documents. We know that because in the file folder, it would specifically state the number of documents in them. Well there are more of them obviously out there."

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"On top of that, we should find out whether or not he photocopied any of the documents as well," he continued. "Now he is playing the art of the deal, and he did not write that book anyways. But he's playing the art of the deal, where he says 'I will trade you this for that,' -- this is beyond unheard of."

"If it was you, certainly if it was me, we would be in jail in 24 hours," he elaborated. "The fact they are placating him only gives him the belief that he has more power than what he originally does. And think about what he is asking: 'I will trade you this top-secret information, but I want information on the Russian investigation.' Well here is a little side note for Donald, I hope he's watching the program today. You are the president of the United States for four years, you had your lapdogs from Jeff Sessions to Attorney General Bill Barr in there. You could've gotten them, of course you could have."

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