Fed-up Latino families sue racist neighbor – who had been arrested 30 times in the last four years

Two Latino families in New York's Westchester County filed a lawsuit saying they've endured years of verbal and racist abuse from their neighbor, ABC7 reports.

The lawsuit states that Michael Dunaway and his elderly parents spewed racist epithets towards their neighbors on an almost daily basis since 2017. As ABC7 points out, Dunaway allegedly stalked and videotaped the families, and repeatedly piled garbage on the families' property, even pouring urine on top of the debris. One of his rants was caught on video.

His mother, Maria Louise Dunawa, reportedly worked as the court clerk for the village of Mamaroneck Justice Court for 26 years, which left the families, "feeling hopeless." She passed away last week at the age of 75.

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Speaking to ABC7, the mayor of Mamaroneck said that Dunaway has been arrested more than 30 times over the last four years, including just last week. He was charged with criminal contempt and harassment.

"Our firm is proud to represent Ana and Jason DeLeon and Ariela and Walter Gehring in this important lawsuit," attorney Brian Cohen told Patch. "We believe that justice will prevail and hope that the impact of the DeLeons' and Gehrings' claims will extend far beyond this litigation, and that their courage will help improve living conditions for all racial and ethnic minorities and inspire other victims of bigotry and discrimination in their homes and neighborhoods to come forward and fight for the dignity and respect that they deserve."

Watch video below or at this link.

Video captures neighbor's racist rant; families claim it's not the 1st www.youtube.com